Our Process

We won’t pressure you to sell your non-operated working interest.  We are here to give you information so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Request an Offer

    Request an offer, and we'll be happy to evaluate your non-operated working interest.

  2. Submit Supporting Documents

    Upload the last few months of revenue and Joint Interest Billing (JIB) statements and any supporting documents (leases, conveyances, etc.).

  3. Review and Accept Offer

    We will review and appraise your non-operated working interest and provide you with a competitive offer.

  4. Sign the Conveyance and Receive Your Payment

    Once we agree on a price, a closing date will be scheduled. You will sign and notarize the document. When we receive the paperwork, we will immediately wire the funds.

Interested in selling your non-operated working interest?

Corya Minerals LLC